Step 1

3 bets are placed in total one after another in this demo game. After placing each sequence of bets, you can use the two orange buttons under your sequence to switch to the next bet or to the lottery draw.

Step 2

Choose 6 characters plus one additional character (for the jackpot) consisting of the letters A – F and the numbers 0 – 9 on the character field for each bet. The characters you have selected will then appear in your betting sequence under the character block.

Step 3

It is also possible to have the 7 characters automatically selected for you by using the “random” button with the help of a random number generator.

Step 4

You can mark every single character in your betting sequence with a mouse click and then change it by clicking on the desired character in the character field.

The sequences you are playing with are your personal winning tickets.

Have fun playing and getting to know our unique BitWin24 Blockchain Lottery!