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We are very pleased that we have already generated a broad response with the idea of BitWin24. Both in the lottery industry and in the crypto market, BitWin24 achieved within a short time a scope that we had not expected. Feel free to browse through the press releases and have a look at the reports on the various online portals…


With an average growth rate of over 8,7%, the lottery market is arguably one of the fastest expanding industries in the world Weiterlesen

The Merkle

Blockchain lotteries are a fairly new concept that is still vastly unpopular despite the apparent advantages it has over Weiterlesen


Despite still being stuck in the 20th century, the lottery industry is growing at impressive rates. With an average growth rate of over 8%, Weiterlesen


With the advent of blockchain technology, many industries were faced with a revolution. Blockchain completely reinvented the way we exchange data, which presented new Weiterlesen

Coin Idol

The lottery market is one of the few industries that has been steadily growing at above-average rates for decades. Weiterlesen


The introduction of blockchain proved to be the perfect solution to some of the most pressing problems of the lottery industry. Weiterlesen


The lottery market is expanding – according to Marketing Insight Reports, in 2018 alone, the global lottery market Weiterlesen


raditional lotteries proved to have some serious problems. Using a proprietary developed blockchain, BitWin24 offers an innovative alternative to all existing lottery systems on the market. Weiterlesen


After the successful fundraising campaigns of several lotteries like True Flip, Tombola and Fire Lotto, blockchain lotteries are still not a decisive market factor. Weiterlesen


The interest in BitWin24 is really enormous! Here you will find documentation, webinar recordings and product descriptions from users, interested parties and industry-specific media representatives…

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Customer Opinions

Customer satisfaction is not just an advertising slogan for us. We live and burn for our customers and work with our entire team every day to provide the highest quality product, user-friendliness and customer service and to constantly improve! Our customers are our team and together we go the BitWin24 way. Read on with pleasure…

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